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  Is your staff prepared??
You have a vision for your facility's growth. Is the education and skill level of your staff  keeping up with that vision? It is imperative to remain on the forefront of knowledge in today's ever evolving health care field . It is crucial to plan for your staff to not only keep pace with - but to enhance - facility growth and maintain quality care,
As of December 31,2008, it is a requirement of the Virignia Department of Health Professions that all medication aides be tested and registered through the state.
Agape Consultant Services offers:
  •  Approved Medicaid Provider  -  Consumer  Directed  Service  Facilitaion
  •  American Heart Association  BLS-CPR course  Instruction
  • Medication Aide Training Classes( TBA)
  • Medication Aide Inservice Education/Continuing Education
  • DMAS personal care assessments/supervisory visits
(Medication aide training program approved by the Virginia Department of Health Professions.12/08)
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